Words of Wisdom – Soul Passion: go from now to wow! by Dadi Janki (93 years old)

Don”t ask, “how are you”, but “who are you?” Speak to the soul. Know clearly who you are.

When you look at yourself, what is it that you see inside?

First you have to eliminate false pride, which results in inferiority or superiority.

Inferiority says, “No one recognises me”, and superiority says, “I am great”.

Become free from both of these.

Identify the positive qualities within. Appreciate who you are and the qualities you have. Put them into practice more often.

When we use our qualities without ego then God fills those qualities with His power. It is as if the speciality is no longer mine but it becomes a gift that God has especially given to me.

Focus your emotions and your energies in the direction that”s aligned with the soul. This is a very simple matter.

Go deep within and ask yourself: what d I have to do.

The step into the soul”s potential, let go of the past. Whatever has taken place, say good it was in the drama of life.

Keep the soul”s potential in front of you, then you can reach it. If you keep thinking about how you were in the past then this will hold you back. No one can hold you back, but you can get held back.

Step out of your fears and say YES!

Remove these four expressions from your vocabulary:

1. but – I would like to do this, but…
2. try – I will try…
3. difficult
4. I need a little bit of time

Dadi”s method for living without fear: LIVE EVERY MOMENT AS IF IT IS YOUR LAST!

Become strong, stand on your own feet, and then you will have the confidence to believe that things are possible. When your attitude is strong you begin to feel passion and enthusiasm.

Sometimes people ask me, “Where do you get all your energy from, Dadi?”

I have energy because I have never wasted my energy and I never will. In fact, energy comes from firstly my own spirituality, secondly my connection with God, thirdly, charitable actions.

Where does happiness come from? – The heart!

I maintain it, so no one can take it away. My happiness is my personal property from God. I won’t let anyone or anything steal it.

Don”t allow your passion and enthusiasm to reduce for any reason.

If you let it reduce, it takes a long time to build it up again.

Your dreams, your destination is high, but keep them in your vision.

Don”t let your vision waver. Don’t waste time in seeing the situations.

Keep moving forward.

In relationships, with the self or in your work, don”t get tired or bored and give up.

How do you stop yourself from getting tired? When you are working, make sure your mind stays rested.

Don”t think too much about the work. Think too much and you are busy! Rushing around…you greet, you eat, you think, you walk, all in a rush!

What kind of life is that? – Slow down!

Be peaceful. Being peaceful does not mean being inefficient or ineffective.

Sit and eat peacefully…with love!

Interact with other with love.

Experiment with this and see how much energy you accumulate.

Breathe easily. Sit with alertness. Don”t get distracted. Don”t look here and there.

Stabilise yourself and concentrate. You will then receive a lot of energy.

Wow! I feel wow because God has so much confidence in me and this helps me to be confident in myself.

When your mind and heart is light, you will experience wow! The feeling of wow should glimmer on your face.

Keep the habit of being light. Fix this slogan within yourself: I AM HAPPY!

Remember it and practice making your mind smile.

When you feel your life is wow, then like a butterfly – beautiful, light, you”ll be able to flutter and fly high.

This is spiritual metamorphosis – positive change from within!

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