Borussia Dortmund – start into the new season 2010/11

It is now 10 games into the new bundesliga season 2010/2011, and it looks like it is going to be a wonderful year for any Dortmund supporter.

This years line-up is one of the youngest ever in the histroy of the club, and the youngest in the Bundesliga this year. The starting formation this Sunday against Mainz 05 had an average age of below 23 years.

We are currently also playing in the UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE, which is the first time the BVB is represented in European soccer again since quite a few years back. The next game is on thursday in paris against Paris Staint-Germain.

25 points out of 30 possible points in the first 10 games in the Bundesliga is a damn good result, and possibly one of the best starts ever for Jurgen Klopps amazingly young and inspiringly well playing squad. This makes them currently (01/11/2010) the number one team in Germany!

I have been a BVB Borussia 09 Dortmund supporter since my childhood, and my passion and unconditional support has not decreased in the slightes, even though I have been living outside of Germany and consequently havent been able to go to any games, since the beginning of 2006.

I miss being part of the amazing 81000 people crowd attending every single home game, I miss being part of the legendary SÜDTRIBÜNE, singing, chanting and feeling the adrinaline pushing through my vanes when we are scoring Goals!

As a compromise, which is better then not being able to participate at all, I am now following every game on the BVB Netradio

In my opinion, and based on my experiences having seen football matches in various locations, Dortmunds Signal Iduna Park, is possibly the best football stadium in the world ;-). If you dont believe me, I can only recommend you to go and experience a game and the absolutely mind blowing atmosphere yourself.

I remember my dad being a Bayern Munich supporter for most of his life. After taking him to see a game in Dortmund, I instantly converted him into a passionate fan, and consequently we aquired season tickets for the following seasons, going to the stadium every other weekend.

Let us see what the rest of the season has on offer, but so far BVB fans have been in heaven – we beat Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Kaiserslautern, St. Pauli, Köln and Mainz 05. But most importantly – making the whole season already a success story – we beat Bayern Munich and Schalke 04!!! What more can a Dortmund fan want… 🙂

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