PERSONAL POWER Programme by Anthony Robbins

Today I would like to share with you a programme I am currently listening to on my IPod on a daily basis. It is called PERSONAL POWER by ANTHONY ROBBINS.

Who is Tony Robbins you may ask yourself now?!

Some of you might already know about him, some might have stumbled upon his name before, some might still be unaware of this man – but let me now make you aware and inform you about a man who’s main drive for many years has been and still is to share his wisdom about controlling your state of mind & your physical body and consequently moving your life into a much more positive and fullfilling direction, proactively creating your own destiny.

Anthony Robbins is a globally known motivational speaker, an advisor to leaders of various disciplines around the world, and considered the father of the life coaching industry. Someone you could have a considerate thought of having a listen to or maybe reading one of his books, if he has apparently influenced so many peoples’ lives already. What do you think?

Read Tony’s biography.

Here is the link to his official website, where you can find loads of useful content regarding personal empowerment –


Achievers never stop challenging themselves to accomplish their very best in every aspect of life.

This is what sets you apart and defines who you are.

Have you ever had the desire to create an even larger net worth? To establish deep and lasting relationships? To follow through on an idea for a project or vision? To take your career to another level?

What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?

You have an infinite amount of power that can drive you to your full potential.

So, what’s keeping you from stepping into the most powerful and unstoppable destiny possible?


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Most of us have a number of ideas that we’d like to put into action.  Have you ever wondered why then do so many of those ideas never happen?

Start by going back to the ideas. Choose an idea. Ask yourself why it’s important for you to put that idea into action. Now, add the power of determination to strengthen your idea and make it happen.

1. Be clear on what you want! -> clarity is power! Be focused on what you want.

2. Get yourself to move towards achieving your goals -> do it now! Make a decision, push yourself, demand more from yourself!

3. Never give up! Failing is part of life, learning is everything. Notice what you get, is it working for you? Flexibility is power!

4. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Be open to change!

I am sure throughout the process of working my way through the Personal Power programme, I will write a bit more about Tony’s advice, his propsed techniques and my personal learning experience.

Thank you to Matus Harman for sharing this programme with me and telling me about Anthony’s work. If you are interested, I might find a way to share the programme with you.

Follow your passion! And as Tony always says – LIVE WITH PASSION! 😉

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better


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