Did I miss hearing the door bell? – Winter is at the door step! Again?!

As the cold winter months in Europe arrive, one is forced to start searching for the long forgotten big coats, gloves, scarves, ear warmers and most importantly the long johns – without these essential tools one wont make it very long up here, in these parts of the world where people on a consistent basis have to adapt to new seasons (and I am talking proper seasons) winter & summer.

I must honestly say, I could easily give the whole winter thing a pass, if I had a choice in the matter. But then again I do have a choice obviously. So looking into the future I am very convinced about the fact, why go through this freezing wet darkness called winter, if there are places on our beautiful planet blessed with moderate, sunny climates all year round. You gotta really ask yourself, why people put up with these extreme weather conditions (COLD!!!), knowing there are alternatives.

So I chose to study in London, in Northern Europe (trust me I had my days questioning my decision), and it means I gotta pull my big fluffy snow pants up (suck it up) and get on with it. Compared to other parts of the world, it doesnt even get that cold here, but thats all relative anyways! After having been blessed with 8 months of sun and warmth this year, my body is feeling pretty shocked by the drop in degrees the last days here in London.

The Weatheroutlook.com (2010) writes that this winter, just like the last two years are going to be freaking cold!!! What have i got myself into here?!

Winter 2010/11 prospects Our view at the current time is that winter 2010/11 is likely to bring colder than average conditions to the UK again, with the risk of heavy snowfall and severe frost affecting much of the country at times. …the heaviest snow often occurs in the boundary zone between the cold dry air from the east, and the mild and moist air trying to push in from the Atlantic. With this pattern we expect the most persistent cold in eastern England and Scotland with temperatures falling as low as -15C overnight, and at times remaining sub zero during the day, but with the chance of heavy snow in western regions and Northern Ireland.

Ill be going home to Germany for the Christmas and New Year period, expecting even colder conditions. Let us hope I wont get stuck in another one of these notorious London snow storms on my way to catch my plane, as happened last year! I almost missed Christmas with my family, with whole of London being in complete chaos.

I dont want to be too negative here though – winter in northern europe does have its perks. I must admit that the whole christmas atmosphere is very much unique, and it is the one thing I do look forward to around Christmas with my family and friends. Two things to mention, and everyone who has every experienced a Europen Christmas will be feeling back in the mood – christmas markets & Glühwein! I do have many beautiful memories growing up with many memorable winter seasons full of snowy and Santa Clausy experiences!

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Still, all Id need is one week of Christmas vibes, and then I wouldnt mind getting back on a plane straight back to my beloved sun, blue skies and warmth!!!

WINTER 2010 here i come! My long johns in my one hand, my heater in the other, and a newly purchased high-quality air-brushed super sledge beneth my butt cheeks! May I keep warm, and survive….


Snow Storm in the UK

Christmas in the Nothern Hemisphere


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