Ladies & gentleman – I introduce to you, the year 2011! A happy New Year!

The time has come again to send out my wishes and greetings for a new and wonderful start into the year 2011 all around the world!

Happy New Year 2011 wishes you Marian!

Thank you to everyone who has already send me beautiful messages 🙂

We are all trying to send out some love before communication networks all over the globe start crashing again like every year, as 7 billion people around the world are sending sms, mms, emails, instant messages, Tweets, status updates, and try to call their loved ones and friends simultaneously…on the dot when the New Year begins! In this case different time zones do have its benefits.

I feel like I am writing this in almost every second blog post, but again i cannot believe how quickly one year goes by. It feels like Christmas and NYE 2009 have just been around the corner, and again we are celebrating the festive season and start into the next calendar year.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful time over Christmas with your families, loved ones and friends, and that you have sent out your love, prayers and empowering thoughts to everyone that has touched you in one way or another in your life. We should always remember the principles of living by example and acknowledge that giving and sharing leads to tremendous feelings of pleasure, and it will come back to us in ways one cannot imagine 🙂

This is a good time to take a moment and sit down to reflect on all the choices, experiences and various events of 2010 in our lives.

2010 has been another amazing year in my young life, as I have been blessed with opportunities to travel, learn and explore.

As a reflection of my current lifestyle, I started the year 2010 finishing off my first year of studies in London and subsequently moving to Cyprus for 5 months. Moving on from there I was able to fulfil one of my dreams to live and work in the most beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa for almost 4 months (while at the same time experiencing the World Cup 2010), before I returned to London in September to finish my 2nd year of my degree studies.

As we are moving into January, I am about to write my final exams and assignments, and if everything works out as planned, I will be entering my last year of studies in London from February 2011.

As some of you know, as a consequence of my continuous travelling and moving around between London, South Africa, Cyprus and Germany, combined with a very critical attitude towards society’s rules and expectations, as well as the lifestyle in Northern Europe (especially in London), I have not been able to really feel at home in London, and I have always considered my stay to be a temporary one, to get my university degree. As much as I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be able to study in London, I have never felt emotionally happy, and the last two years have made it very clear to me that I do not see my future life in Europe.

Emotionally I have been craving to return to South Africa, and this country at the most southern tip of Africa, is the one I feel home sick for, I feel most comfortable and happy when I am there, and even though the country has its dark side, it is my deepest desire to return and build a life deep in the Southern Hemisphere.

One of my challenges for the coming year will be to find a way to fulfil my dreams and desires to pursue a Master degree, build a life in SA and to finally be reunited with the love of my young life!

One of the biggest inspirations for me in life is knowing that my future is in my own hands, and the choices I make today create my own destiny. Build on our own values and believes, we all have an internal hierarchy of what is most important to us as individuals in life, and this hierarchy determines our priorities. Once we realize this, and become aware of what guides our focus, choices and behaviour, we can consciously choose the path that is most fullfilling for us.

I know that we often get caught up with every day life, and I see it happening to me all the time, again and again, but we should always try to create the time and space to make pauses, take a step back and look at what is really going on inside of us and in the reality we create around us.

There is always an opportunity to make a change, to take an action, or to just be….I really believe, also based on my own experiences, that the more time we take to REALLY take care of our own state of mind and emotions, the more happiness we can generate and radiate from within us, and create a more empowering and positive life for ourselves and everyone we come in contact with.

I am reaching out today, to thank you for being who you are, and for sharing yourself with me. I really appreciate it, and I am most grateful for having been able to enter your conciousness, even if it was just for a moment. Every little thing counts, it all makes a difference, it sets energy in motion!

Well I hope that some of the things I write do make sense to you. Writing for me is a great channel to communicate my thoughts, my feelings and my attitudes and opinions about every aspect of life.

One of my goals is to make regular time every day for some reading and writing…I usually manage to start implementing a routine for some time, but so far I have always gotten caught up again in some way or another, usually when being faced with deadlines and when studies or work required heightened focus and time.

Please feel free to share some of your thoughts, experiences and feelings with me, I always look forward to hear or read your words and views of the world 🙂

May the new year ahead be filled with joy, happiness, peace and lots of love in our lives!

Let us indulge in self-reflection, positive attitudes, ambitious outlooks and spoil the world around us by giving and sharing the tremendous love within us!

Have an amazing new years eve celebration wherever you are, be safe and all my best for a splendid start into 2011!

I am thinking about you, with love your Marian!



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