A happy New Year 2012 from London Town!

I would like to wish you a happy and wonderful start into the new year 2012!

A click on the picture below leads you to my blog post from last year, which interestingly enough is still very relevant today!

Ladies & gentleman – I introduce to you, the year 2011! A happy New Year!

May the new year ahead be filled with joy, happiness, lots of love and sucess in our lives!

Let us focus on what is really important to us in our lives, then commit and take action to move towards fulfilling our true dreams!

Letting go and developing trust in my own abilities and of others, as well as becoming aware of the limitations that I subconsciously set myself, are key areas of discovery and growth for myself.

Listening and trusting my inner wisdom, and letting myself be guided by my intuition, which leads me towards my true path to discover more about myself, my values and the believes that govern my thoughts, my attitudes and behaviour, those are some of my key challenges for the coming year.

New Years Fireworks at the London Eye NYE 2012!

Have an amazing new years eve celebration wherever you are, be safe and all my best for a powerful start into the new year!

I am thinking about you, with love your Marian! Live life with passion!


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