Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

by Harvard Business Review Press

I would like to share the following book with you, which I stumbled upon today. This is a definite one to be added to my reading list.

Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

In a world where you can no longer plan or predict, when change seems to be the only constant, “Just Start” teaches you how to achieve success in a state of uncertainty. This is based on the approach developed at Babson College, one of the world’s top entrepreneurial business programs.

Written by three seasoned business leaders, the book combines research with proven practices at actual companies, and delivers a reliable method for helping you move closer to your goals. The authors are Babson College President Leonard Schlesinger, organizational learning expert Charles Kiefer, and veteran journalist Paul B. Brown.

“Just Start” distills the very essence of what makes people successful in today’s environment. It will help you achieve your goals—whether your current project is professional or personal, or somewhere in between.

Amazon Product Description:

“Babson College president provides a simple, systematic, and research-based method – identical to the one taught at Babson – for achieving success in an uncertain world. In a world where you can no longer plan or predict your way to success, what is the best way to achieve your goals?

It’s a daunting question, but today – when change seems to be the only constant – it’s one that everyone, from entrepreneurs and managers to newly minted grads, must resolve. The simple answer, say the authors of “Just Start”: you must act. And then go from there.

“Just Start” draws both from academic research and proven practices in organizations to lay out a simple yet reliable method for moving forward on anything when you are faced with volatility. The key, say the authors, is not only to think differently (much like an entrepreneur would), but to then put that thinking into immediate action to see if you are right.

They also explain how “smart steps” can help move you forward on your path of acting, learning from that action, and building off that learning to create a productive cycle of iteration. Building on an earlier version of the idea embraced by thousands of people to date, “Just Start” is a proven method to help you achieve your goals – whether you are starting a new project at the office, starting your own company, or starting a new career

Just do - recommendation

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Would you be interested in reading this book?

How do you approach your career planning in today’s world?

How do you set goals and make sure you achieve them?

Please feel free to comment below.

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