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I’m Marian Zinn, a recent M.Sc. graduate in International Management from Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. Some of my passions include Digital Marketing, New Media, Travel and Intercultural Exchange.

I was born and bred in Germany, and started my journey to explore our beautiful planet about 12 years ago. My travels have brought me to live in seven different countries starting out in North America and moving on via South Africa, Cyprus, the UK and Finland to Sweden.

From a young age I developed a love for traveling and experiencing the diversity of cultures, languages and people around the world. I love engaging with people from all walks of life to learn and share my life experiences, while thriving in environments that foster authentic social and cultural diversity.

My extensive multinational education and work experience have transformed me into a global citizen, curious to explore the unknown and ambitious to build a life that enables me to live anywhere across the globe.

My professional experience has been focused on the conception and management of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition and retention for organizations operating in an international context across diverse business settings.

I received my undergraduate education in London combining studies in Marketing and Media Business Management, followed by a diploma in Digital Marketing from CIM.

Presently, my focus has shifted to pursuing a career dedicated to inspiring and supporting people to live abroad and engage in intercultural learning. I am seeking to enter the field of international education and cross-cultural exchange to further develop relevant knowledge, skills and relationships.

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About This Blog

This is my personal blog and professional online web presence.

It provides a platform for me to share my life experiences and covers a vast expanse of stories that I find intriguing and inspiring. Posts center around my travels, education, reflective writing and my interests — the social web, marketing, digital media, philosophy, spirituality, sports, music and film.

The blog has a global readership connecting me with all my friends and collegues which I have met throughout my travels across the globe. It also has the purpose to nurture new relationships as we move into the future.

One of my aims is to encourage more people to listen to their hearts, express their dreams and transform them into reality.

If there’s something you’d like to read that you can’t find, please contact me and I’ll write something new just for you. I also very much value your feedback.

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