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The Paradox of Facing Abundant Choice

Today I watched yet another great video by Jason Silva as part of his really inspiring and thought-provoking video series “Shots of Awe”, which he publishes regularly on Facebook!

His message resonates well with my current experience of facing yet another cross-road in my young life:

… being exposed to a wonderful world of abundant possibilities

… overwhelmed by the idea of making a simple choice

… anxious about possibly missing out on experiencing life to its full potential

But at the same time feeling inspired, hopeful and driven to create the life that I desire and so much more!

Enjoy the video below:

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Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

by Harvard Business Review Press

I would like to share the following book with you, which I stumbled upon today. This is a definite one to be added to my reading list.

Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

In a world where you can no longer plan or predict, when change seems to be the only constant, “Just Start” teaches you how to achieve success in a state of uncertainty. This is based on the approach developed at Babson College, one of the world’s top entrepreneurial business programs. Continue reading →

Creating the Life You Really Want: Stimulating Risk Is Inseparable from Living

Written by Jeff Willmore

create the live you want to live

Nothing is so reckless as waiting for certainty—that’s a game we are sure to lose. Anyone who runs a business, chooses a mate, or just drives down the street knows there’s a risk. Stimulating those risks is inseparable from living. Our preferences can often tend toward comfort, familiarity, safety—but in opting for those, we often miss out, even to the point of giving up advancement, intimacy, adventure. Continue reading →

Life is a Journey – living the moment!

I would like to share this message I received from a friend of mine today. I think it is another good reminder how important it is to consistently evaluate what is really essential for us in our lives, and to focus on these things that are most important to us by living in the present moment, being aware of our actions and moving towards who we truly are and what we desire. Here we go.

PERSONAL POWER Programme by Anthony Robbins

Today I would like to share with you a programme I am currently listening to on my IPod on a daily basis. It is called PERSONAL POWER by ANTHONY ROBBINS. Read more…

Chris Guillebeau Blog – The Art of Non-Conformity

I recently stumbled upon a very interesting blog by Chris Guillebeau named “The Art of Non-Conformity“.

You can read more and subscribe to the regular updates here. I will also be posting some excerpts that I find relevant and worth sharing with you.

So have a read below and judge for yourself if this is in any way relevant or possibly beneficial to your life :-):



“You Are an Entrepreneur. Whether you work for someone else or are completely on your own, you are an entrepreneur. No one else will ever care about your own career and well-being as much as you, so you should take it seriously.

Personally, I’ve found that being self-employed is the best option for me. I can roam the world at will without being trapped in a cubicle. But my way isn’t the only way — some of our readers have negotiated unique work agreements with their boss, allowing them to follow a passion while still earning a living. Others have pursued location-independent careers around the world — with clients back at home.

The Biggest Obstacle Is Fear.
If you want to start a business, you don’t need an MBA, venture capital, loans from friends, a 60-page business plan, or anything like that. Similarly, if you want to travel, you don’t need a guidebook or a year’s worth of planning – you can just buy a ticket and head out the door.

So what’s the problem? Far more than anything else, fear is the obstacle that holds us back. Instead of pretending to be fearless, learn to work with fear. It doesn’t usually go away, but you can avoid letting fear make decisions for you.

A friend of mine likes to say, “Failure is not nearly as glamorous as it looks,” and he’s right — it’s usually better to win than to lose. But it’s also true that you can recover from almost any mistake. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, move on to something else. We regret what we haven’t done much more than what we tried and failed at.”

Lastly, consider this quote from Joseph Campbell –

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. … I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”


SOURCE: Guillebeau, C. (2010), The Sense of Being AliveThe Art of Non-Conformity Blog [online], Available at:×5/ [Accessed via email on 21/10/2010]


Chris Guillebeau TED Talk on Fear and Permission

You can follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisguillebeau and connect with him on Linkedin.


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Seth Godin – Accepting limits

It’s absurd to look at a three year old toddler and say, “this kid can’t read or do math or even string together a coherent paragraph. He’s a dolt and he’s never going to amount to anything.” No, we don’t say that because we know we can teach and motivate and cajole the typical kid to be able to do all of these things.

Why is it okay, then, to look at a teenager and say, “this kid will never be a leader, never run a significant organization, never save a life, never inspire or create…”

Just because it’s difficult to grade doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taught.

Never mind a teenager. I think it’s wrong to say that about someone who’s fifty.

Isn’t it absurd to focus so much energy on ‘practical’ skills that prep someone for a life of following instructions but relentlessly avoid the difficult work necessary to push someone to reinvent themselves into becoming someone who makes a difference?

And isn’t it even worse to write off a person or an organization merely because of what they are instead of what they might become?

Seth Godin – One in a million

The chances of a high school student eventually becoming first violin for the Boston Philharmonic: one in a million.

The chances of a high school student eventually playing basketball in the NBA? About the same.

In fact, the chances of someone growing up and getting a job precisely like yours, whatever it is, are similarly slim. (Head of development at an ad agency, director of admissions for a great college… you get the idea). Every good gig is a long shot, but in the end, a lot of talented people get good gigs. The odds of being happy and productive and well compensated aren’t one in a million at all, because there are many good gigs down the road. The odds are only slim if you pick precisely one job.

Here’s the lesson: the ardent or insane pursuit of a particular goal is a good idea if the steps you take along the way also prep you for other outcomes, each almost as good (or better). If pushing through the Dip and bending the market to your will and shipping on time and doing important and scary work are all things you need to develop along the way, then it doesn’t really matter so much if you don’t make the goal you set out to reach.

On the other hand, if you live a life of privation and spend serious time and money on a dead end path with only one outcome, you’ve described a path likely to leave you broken and bitter. Does spending your teenage years (and your twenties) in a room practicing the violin teach you anything about being a violin teacher or a concert promoter or some other job associated with music? If your happiness depends on your draft pick or a single audition, that’s giving way too much power to someone else.

Seth Godin – What you can learn from a lousy teacher…

If you have a teacher (of any sort) that you cannot please, that you cannot learn from, that is unwilling to take you where you need to go because he is defending the status quo and demonstrates your failure on whatever report card he chooses to use, you could consider yourself a failure. Or you could remind yourself…

  1. Grades are an illusion
  2. Your passion and insight are reality
  3. Your work is worth more than mere congruence to an answer key
  4. Persistence in the face of a skeptical authority figure is a powerful ability
  5. Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long run
  6. If you care enough about the work to be criticized, you’ve learned enough for today

Thought for Today – this is so true!

Determination enables you to pass through the barriers of fear, doubt and insecurities. It’s a strength that takes you on the road to success.

Determination can’t make it without patience.

Patience teaches you not to push, but rather to wait and appreciate the game of life, knowing that everything will change at some point.