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GOODLUCK – New Music Act from Cape Town

Hi guys, I recently listened to a live broadcast on 5FM from Johannesburg, South Africa. One of the acts performing on the line up was the band “GOODLUCK”.  They are a new live dance act influenced by Goldfish, St. Germain and acts alike…

Their live performance pretty much blew me away, so I want to take the opportunity and make you aware of these guys, as I believe they will soon get big…

Check out their blog (http://goodlucklive.wordpress.com) or Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/goodlucklive)

goodluck live music cape town south africa



It’s funny really, that a band with so much talent would be called GoodLuck. Because it’s not really luck that’s got these three musos to where they are – igniting South African night skies with their jazzing beats- it’s more like a blend of serious sums of talent, plenty of soul and a helluva lot of passion.  And their next plan? Taking over the dance floors of the world!

And they’re not far off. Because this band is serious… serious about being themselves, playing from the heart and having a good time. And that’s really why they’re here.  With a sound that blends electro beats with the distinctive sounds of sax, drums and keyboard, their music just makes you feel so good!

Barely a year after combining their passion for good music, these three musos have been charming crowds with their new wave of electronics. It’s really no surprise, because there’s a power to their music – that lifts and energises and makes you feel like you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but on the dance floor.

GoodLuck have taken their jazzy, fizzling sound to the dance floors of St Ives, FTV, Taboo, and Club INC, have jammed alongside Paul Oakenfold, DJ Fresh, Just Jinjer, Shaun Duvet, Euphonic and Cassette, and toured as the opening act for the acclaimed outfit Goldfish. They have ignited the cities of South Africa, fired up parties in Ibiza, the UAE and Switzerland and heated up season-long residencies in Cape Town. And crowds are chanting for more.  . Goodluck are steadily making their musical mark on the international stage. . And that’s where they plan to stay.

goodluck cape town south africa


Visit 5FM online and listen to SA best DJs!

Hi my friends!

5FM – one of South Africas biggest radio stations – and my personal favourite, is providing a live stream on their website.

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