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10 Ways Travel Will Change Your Life For The Better

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Travel is transformational. It changes who you are to your very core. Out there on the road, without any baggage, you encounter life in a way that’s not always possible when you are working all the time. I know I’m biased since I write about travel but my experience meeting others has shown me that travel changes you for the better. It brings out the best version of you possible. Here are ten ways travel will better your life and why you should start planning your next trip away:

You become more social

It’s sink or swim on the road. You either get better at making friends or you end up alone. You learn to make friends out of strangers and get more comfortable approaching new people. You get better at the small talk. When I first started traveling, I was an introvert and uncomfortable talking to strangers. Now, I…

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Creating the Life You Really Want: Stimulating Risk Is Inseparable from Living

Written by Jeff Willmore

create the live you want to live

Nothing is so reckless as waiting for certainty—that’s a game we are sure to lose. Anyone who runs a business, chooses a mate, or just drives down the street knows there’s a risk. Stimulating those risks is inseparable from living. Our preferences can often tend toward comfort, familiarity, safety—but in opting for those, we often miss out, even to the point of giving up advancement, intimacy, adventure. Continue reading →

Some thoughts to share!

Hey friend, sorry for my late reply, was busy moving and settling in to life in London. Actually still in the process of doing that, as it takes time to get used to life in a different country and you gotta build up a new network of friends, etc, etc.

You do seem like that you are thinking a lot about the situation in Gaza. And I think it is a very good and necessary thing to listen to everything that is happening around us all over the world. But I also think that by confronting ourselves with all the evil that is happening in the world, we can also achieve a negative effect.

How much can you actually make a difference to the situation that is happening in some place somewhere in the world, pretty far away from yourself. Not an immediate and strong one, that is for sure. We need to focus more on what is happening right in front of our door steps in our own community. Cause that”s where everything needs to start, that”s where you and me can make things happen for a better future.

By sharing your views on life and the world with the people around you, you are able to spread the word, and make change happen one step at a time, one person at a time. In the past year I have gotten to know the idea of positive thinking, which is in other terms praying and I have realized that through praying anything is possible. I create my own reality, and I attract everything that happens in my life to me by the power of thoughts and wishes. Since I am consciously practicing it, I have seen much coming true, and my life has taken a very positive direction! I am happy and by me being happy I have an affect on my partner, my family, my friends, and everyone I come in contact with…and I have seen what difference it can make by the feedback I have received. it is just beautiful!

I dont know if you understand what I am trying to say, it is not always easy to put it into words.

Well I believe there is always a reason for things to happen in our life, and I must have asked for something in my life that made it necessary for my car to be taken from me. In the end it is just a car and nothing more. And I have been paid by the insurance, so it all had a happy end.
The police service in SA is definitely a problem. If nothing changes soon, things are going to fall apart, as there is no working justice system.

Jozi is a fascinating place, I must agree. I miss it, but at the same time it was the right time to go, because there is too much bad happening in that city at the same time as it is so beautiful!
I love Cape Town, you are going to have a great time down there. I actually wanne come live there for a while after my studies.!

Yes let us pray, and everything is going to be just like we wish it to be!

I am studying Marketing and Music & Media Management.

Hope to hear from you soon! 😉