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Visiting Germany over Christmas and New Years!

Hi friends!

Just a quick update from cold and snowy London Town. Read more…


Did I miss hearing the door bell? – Winter is at the door step! Again?!

As the cold winter months in Europe arrive, one is forced to start searching for the long forgotten big coats, gloves, scarves, ear warmers and most importantly the long johns – without these essential tools one wont make it very long up here, in these parts of the world where people on a consistent basis have to adapt to new seasons (and I am talking proper seasons) winter & summer. Read more…

Hi everyone, just a quick update from my…

Hi everyone,

just a quick update from my side – I will be visiting my home town Göttingen in Germany from the 23rd until the 29th of December!

I am very much looking forward to see some of my good old friends while spending this time of warmth and love with my family.

Can you believe it, it has been over one year again since the last time I spent time in Germany!

So let me know if you are in Göttingen and have some time, and lets use this “rare” occasion to get together and catch up!

I know its not a very long time, but I will try everything i can to squeeze in seeing you!

A wonderful and happy festive season to all of you! Miss you much always!


PS: you can always get a hold of me online, otherwise my German number is 00491601771920!