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Date A Guy Who Travels

A brilliant article that people like us who live a global lifestyle can highly relate to. The timing of myself stumbling across this piece of writing is in perfect synchronicity, as I have just started to embark on a new journey of love with a wonderful woman. I love how the universe works its magic. I have been very patient and asked to find a woman that loves travelling and exploring the world like myself, a woman that is strong and confident, and knows what she wants in life. I was wondering if I ever meet someone who is able and willing to keep up with my nomadic lifestyle. I aspire to live a life without borders. To have someone to share my vision with and to build a life together was always a dream of mine. I have now been blessed with this possibility in my life and I am internally grateful, excited and inspired to move forward in partnership with a truly beautiful soul that understands.

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Be with someone who travels. He will follow his heart and chase his dreams. He will come back bearing photos and stories and a gift that reminded him of you while he was traveling. He will inspire you to fearlessly embark on your own adventures. He will never be afraid of spontaneity and will almost always say yes when you suggest a road trip. He will tell you stories of his trips that will make you fall more and more in love with him every day. He will never make you feel guilty for wanting to explore the world, even if it means he gets left behind. He will understand that distance does make the heart grow fonder and a relationship stronger. He will never let your relationship fall into a routine and get stale. He will say yes when you ask him to move away with you. He…

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Daily TEDTalk Inspiration: “Scott Dinsmore: How to find and do work you love”

TedTalk inspiration! Ask yourself the question: What is the work you can’t not do?

In this talk Scott Dinsmore shares his mission to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing. He is a career change strategist whose demoralising experience at a Fortune 500 job launched his quest to understand why 80% of adults hate the work they do, and more importantly, to identify what the other 20% were doing differently. Scott’s research led to experiences with thousands of employees and entrepreneurs from 158 countries. Scott distilled the results down to his Passionate Work Framework – three surprisingly simple practices for finding and doing work you love, that all happen to be completely within our control. He makes his career tools available free to the public through his community at http://LiveYourLegend.net

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A happy New Year 2012 from London Town!

I would like to wish you a happy and wonderful start into the new year 2012!

A click on the picture below leads you to my blog post from last year, which interestingly enough is still very relevant today!

Ladies & gentleman – I introduce to you, the year 2011! A happy New Year! Read more here…

Words from Within – Letting Go, letting Come…

During my time in San Diego I was faced with a difficult emotional challenge. The feelings I experienced were rooted in the fact that I let myself get emotionally attached to another human being, in this case being in love and then realizing that my desire to live a romantic relationship with that person is not compatible at this current moment in my life with the commitments and priorities I have set for myself.

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Spreading some love – Thank you!

This is for you, because I am grateful to have you in my live & I want you to know that I care for you!

Thank you for being who you are and for being part of my life!

As we grow in strength in our spiritual life, we give up the habit of worrying. It serves no purpose other than to make us feel tense and miserable. When I stop fretting about things that are beyond my control and focus instead on generating optimistic and kind thoughts, my life can begin to flow in ever more positive directions. Such a light and easy approach to life enables me to take everything in my stride.

You are in my thoughts, and even though I am not physically with you right now, you are party of my daily prayers and I am grateful for our relationship!

Peace is simplicity. Simplicity is beauty. Choose a day as your day of simplicity. Speak little, and listen with attention. Do something incognito and nice for a person you are close to. Eat simple and natural food. Create time periods for not doing anything – just walk, look around, live the moment. Have your mind open to a more profound and silent sensitivity. Appreciate each scene and each person as they are. In the evening, write down your discoveries. Observe the state of your mind.

All things have their time. All things have their answers. All things have their right to be. Accepting this reality, all things come into harmony.

Thank you for being a part of my life!

With much love and joy – your MARIAN