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Life is a Journey – living the moment!

I would like to share this message I received from a friend of mine today. I think it is another good reminder how important it is to consistently evaluate what is really essential for us in our lives, and to focus on these things that are most important to us by living in the present moment, being aware of our actions and moving towards who we truly are and what we desire. Here we go.


Words of Wisdom Vol.2 – by Dadi Janki

Ask yourself: What is preventing me from moving forward? What keeps me stuck in the past?

Are you ready to say goodbye to the old habits, thinking, vocabulary and ways that are not working for you?

What is time calling me to do? – Time is saying: GO FOR IT!

But what do we do? We give excuses.

In the new year, everyone has the motivation and enthusiasm to achieve their aims and goals, …but.

Remove this “but” of excuses and reasons. There will always be reasons – people, situations, weather…


Just remember, situations will arise. Why should I allow a situation to have the power to remove my happiness!

Do not take something easy and make it difficult. Do not expand upon things and make them complicated in your head.

When you pay attention to what is happening in your inner world, you increase your ability to focus. And this gives you the power to make decisions easily. You have a clear sense of what to do and what not to do; what is right and wrong; what to say and not to say.


Simply develop the characteristics of success – align your character with your aim. Then, no matter what, stay focused!

Be careful not to get caught up in anything that will bring you down. Dont disturb anyone or allow yourself to get disturbed. Dont be suppressed nor impressed.

Keep good wishes for everyone even if they are pressing your buttons. The faith you keep in other people will help them to move forward.


This is what I do:

I become quiet and stop my mind from roaming here and there…and then I go deep inside…I look at myself…I look at God and then connect…recharging my inner light.

God is my Power Supply – always there, always available.

When I stay in God’s company, I become a detached observer. As an observer of the drama of life, I learn to be in the drama and enjoy each scene with pleasure.

Then, instead of worrying about how others see me, I pay attention to how I see others. I look at myself and at others with God’s vision – God definitely loves each one.


You can make the impossible, possible. Just have faith. When you have faith, you wont sit around, waiting for things to happen. You will take action.

With a pure heart and a pure thought you can do anything. JUST DO IT!

That is what time is saying to me – LIVE AND MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY MOMENT!

It has to be now…or never.

This is it – the moment!

This is the point of change…the time to make it happen.


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